We live in a world that is much more diverse than we imagine. It is rich, terrible, vibrant, ominous, and joyous and pretty much every adjective we can find in the dictionary. It is a world that is laid to our feet and towers above us. It invites us and intimidates us, begs us to explore it, but threatens to maim us if we try. It is a brave old world we would never understand. It is a beautiful world that holds countless of equally diverse worlds under its belt, about 7.8 billion worlds if we were to give a number, but with infinite contortions and variations. This blog attempts to explore these worlds and its boundless contortions with the power of the greatest magic ever known mankind: Words.

This blog explores worlds in four parts:

Home: This is where the exploration happens proper, stories that touch the heart are told and retold, ideals to die for are considered, and the drives that keep humanity ticking are underscored.

Read Fiction: The exploration 2.0 – exploring worlds through fiction.
Tell Your Story: A chance to get your hands dirty and help us explore more worlds; yours especially.

Hire Onaede: Do you want to explore the world with the greatest magic ever known to man but you do not know how to start, or need somebody to do it for you? Hire Onaede.

The Author
Tega Majemite – Onaede – is a writer diagnosed with STD (Severe Tinkering Disorder). Check him out on Twitter, Medium, Linkedin and Quora.